Breckenridge Began working with Breckenridge in 2013

Why They Asked M.E.:

They received notice from Southwest Florida Water Management District that they were out of compliance with their original development order permit in regards to lake bank erosion. Any erosion 9” or greater was a violation and repair was required. All of the 16 Storm Water lakes had portions in violation of the 9” limitation. Excessive rainwater runoff from surrounding buildings and parking lots turned out to be one of the factors. They reached out to Mettauer for erosion repair and drainage improvements to divert water from running over the lake banks and through drainage systems already running into the lake.

What we were originally hired to do:

  • Repair erosion on the 16 Stormwater Lakes
  • Improve Yard Drain Systems
  • Plant additional littorals.

Addition Problems We Observed:

Immediately we noticed there was and issue with the manner in which the aquatic vegetation was being managed. We noticed the company maintaining the lakes was applying herbicide to the entire shoreline so as to eliminate all vegetation. We worked with Breckenridge to educate them on the balance between good and bad vegetation. Good ground cover will help stabilize sediment on the shorelines. When all of the vegetation is killed the banks are exposed to excessive risk of erosion.

We also noticed after returning a year later from our first round of lake repairs that the new littorals we installed were also killed with excessive non target specific application of herbicide. This was definitely bad practice and we worked with them to develop a more hands on less chemical approach to lake littoral and vegetation maintenance.

We also noticed that they had fountains running and that they believed the fountains were properly circulating the water and providing them with better water quality. During the process of developing the better approach to aquatic vegetation management we introduced them to fine pore bubbler aeration systems. We educated them on the value of additional oxygen added to the deep portions of their lakes. They understood the value of this type of circulation and we have implemented adding aeration to each lake as it is repaired and replanted and put onto the less chemical management plan.

Another very alarming discovery we made during our first round of lake bank reconstruction was the condition of their on site conservation areas. A large portion of Mettauer Environmental Inc.’s business model is Invasive Exotic Vegetation removal and management services. We maintain wetlands and preserves for many private and public entities. We couldn’t help but notice their preserves were covered in exotic vegetation and we understood that if someone was already monitoring their lake permits it would not be long until they looked into the preserves. We helped Breckenridge develope a long term maintenance program that would keep them in compliance with the Water Management Permit and help them avoid costly fines and vegetation removal fees.

A Summary of What we do now:

  • Lake sediment excavation and reuse of material for the repair of the lake bank erosion.
  • Reconfiguration and Installation of 6” to 8” yard drains that captured excessive rain water run off and directed this water into the lakes without running down the lake banks.
  • Designed, Installed & Currently Maintain Fine Pore Aeration Systems for each lake that has been repaired.
  • Each lake that we repair we install a custom designed aeration system during the construction process.
  • This is part of our less chemical approach for the long term maintenance of the lake water and vegetation.
  • Lake littoral design, installation and maintenance.Aquatic Vegetation maintenance and removal.
  • Water quality testing and reporting.
  • Preserve / Conservation Area Invasive Exotic Nuisance Vegetation Management and Reporting Built decorative stone paver retainer wall.

We feel Breckenridge Golf and Tennis Club is a perfect case study to help potential clients realize the relationships we build and the vast array of services we are capable of providing. One of the biggest challenges for Breckenridge, and most of the potential customers we meet, is they have to hire multiple contractors to work in their community. They never receive through reporting that includes pictures, gps data for their preserves, electronic water metering reports for the water quality reports, technician summary reports of the aeration operation on a monthly basis, and more. Then, they are referred to Mettauer Environmental Inc., and we help them get away from the chaos of having to coordinate multiple contractors and speaking to multiple people before getting the answers the are looking for. They hire Mettauer Environmental Inc., and they are done. Everything they need comes from one comprehensive, professional local company.

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