Development began in 2005 by Crescent Resources, LLC. & then LandMarGoup LandMar Group is now GreenPointe Homes which is the current developer. The development is a 2000 acre site.

We were originally hired by the developer for Environmental Construction and Some of the Site Development.

Environmental Construction Services

  • Installation of Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
  • 600 Acres of Invasive Exotic Vegetation Total Removal via On Site Burining
  • Found & relocated approximately 100 Gopher Tortoise’s into the clean conservation area where they were contained and protected during development.
  • Supplied and installed all lake littorals throughout all littoral zones including top of bank trees.
  • Provided Bi-Annual Preserve Area Invasive Exotic Vegetation Maintenance Services. Third party Wetland Monitoring & Reporting services were provided by Passerella & Associates Inc.
  • 5 Year management and monitoring program was successful and ongoing maintenance services are still in place.

Site Development Service

  • 900 Acres of Clearing & Grubbing including on site burning of cleared vegetation.
  • Subcontracted by Lee-Mar Construction Corporation for Approximately 3 Miles of road construction including base rock installation, finish grading and landscape and flatwork prep.
  • Subcontracted by Guymann Construction Inc. for approximately 4 Miles of pressure pipe underground utility installation.

River Hall CDD Services

Currently Managed by Wrathell, Hunt and Associates, LLC, Formerly Managed by Rizzetta & Company Inc.

  • On Going Bi-annual Invasive Exotic Vegetation Management
  • Stormwater drainage system modifications and emergency repairs.
  • Asphalt patching
  • Sidewalk Repar
  • Mowing/Bushhoging

Property Management Services

Currently Managed by Melrose Management Partnership Association

  • Aquatic Vegetation / Lake Management Services
  • Parking & Sidewalk Repairs
  • Structural repair to guard gatehouse when struck by box truck
  • Emergency storm & irrigation pipe repairs
  • General construction maintenance miscellaneous services
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