Development began in 2005 by Crescent Resources, LLC. & then LandMarGoup, LandMar Group is now GreenPointe Homes, which is the current developer. The development is a 2,000 acre site.

We were originally hired by the developer for Environmental Construction and some Site Development.

Environmental Construction Services

  • Installation of Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
  • 600 Acres of Invasive Exotic Vegetation Total Removal via On Site Burning
  • Found & relocated approximately 100 Gopher Tortoise’s into the clean conservation area where they were contained and protected during development.
  • Supplied and installed all lake littorals throughout all littoral zones including top of bank trees.
  • Provided Bi-Annual Preserve Area Invasive Exotic Vegetation Maintenance Services. Third party Wetland Monitoring & Reporting services were provided by Passerella & Associates Inc.
  • Five-Year management and monitoring program was successful and ongoing maintenance services are still in place.

Site Development Service

  • 900 Acres of Clearing & Grubbing including on site burning of cleared vegetation.
  • Subcontracted by Lee-Mar Construction Corporation for Approximately three miles of road construction including base rock installation, finish grading, landscape, and flatwork prep.
  • Subcontracted by Guymann Construction Inc. for approximately four miles of pressure pipe underground utility installation.

River Hall CDD Services

Currently Managed by Wrathell, Hunt and Associates, LLC, Formerly Managed by Rizzetta & Company Inc.

  • On-going Bi-Annual Invasive Exotic Vegetation Management
  • Stormwater drainage system modifications and emergency repairs.
  • Asphalt patching
  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Mowing/Bushhoging

Property Management Services

Currently Managed by Melrose Management Partnership Association

  • Aquatic Vegetation / Lake Management Services
  • Parking & Sidewalk Repairs
  • Structural repair to guard gatehouse when struck by box truck
  • Emergency storm & irrigation pipe repairs
  • General construction maintenance miscellaneous services
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