Invasive & Vegetation Management

Invasive exotic vegetation is identified and removed by experts at Mettauer Environmental. Land management and wetlands restoration is necessary for the health of the local environment.

Invasive Vegetation Management and Removal Services

Invasive and exotic plants can become a serious threat to our native vegetation. It’s easy to look past the harm of these invasive and exotic plants when you see beautiful blooms and berries covering a lush forest. What you don’t see at first glance is that these invasive and exotic plants are threatening our native vegetation.

Luckily our team of licensed and experienced applicators at Mettauer Environmental is skilled in plant identification and can catch these plants before they become a threat to your property.
Our specialists provide a range of invasive species services, including free initial walkthrough surveys, eco-friendly herbicide applications, and invasive species removal. They enjoy helping landowners and land managers, including municipalities, land trusts, homeowner’s associations, and watershed organizations, to build and implement a comprehensive program for controlling invasive species.

We can help minimize the harm of invasive plants and vegetation and support the health of native plants and wildlife.

Our eco-conscious practices reduce the need for harmful herbicides and promote healthy ecosystems. We also pride ourselves on providing measurable results that improve natural species diversity and maintain better control of invasive species.
We protect your land with a variety of methods designed to eliminate invasive species and to manipulate habitats and encourage the growth of native non-invasive species.
We also specialize in maintaining and restoring natural areas and wetlands, whether through regular maintenance or a large-scale removal of invasive vegetation.

Wetlands and natural areas, either created or preserved, require diligent maintenance.

Our highly trained staff is licensed in Natural Area Management to properly protect your preserves and help keep your areas in compliance with local codes.
To discuss your requirements or the various invasive species solutions that we offer, please contact us today!


Invasive Exotic Vegetation

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