Shadow Wood Preserve

Master-Planned Community: Shadow Wood Preserve

Shadow Wood Preserve, a low-density residential community in Fort Myers, Fla., is bordered on three sides by natural features: Estero Bay, the Estero Bay Buffer Preserve, and historic Mullock Creek. It features custom and traditional single-family homes, coach homes, and single-family villas. The community includes a championship golf course, full-service golf pro shop, and clubhouse. Residents here also enjoy a 2.5-acre park along Mullock Creek with picnic areas, a playground, canoe and kayak launch, fishing pier, community restroom facilities, and a screened pavilion. Nearly 2.5 miles of pedestrian pathways wind through the community.

The Shadow Wood Preserve Master Homeowner Association was turned over to the residents in 2007.

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Environmental Construction Services Provided by Mettauer:

  • Off Site Mitigation: This projects Development Order required offsite mitigation improvements to 600 acres of the Estero Buffer Preserve. Mettauer Environmental cleaned 600 Acres of Invasive Exotic Vegetation Removal at the Estero Buffer Preserve to offset wetland impacts of development. Vegetation was burned on site at Shadow Wood.
  • Off Site Mitigation: We also created a Tidal Marsh Wetland within the Estero Buffer Preserve. This involved degrading the area to allow ebb and flow in and out of the preserve. We then planted thousands of native plants.  Among these natives were hundreds of Black, White and Red Mangroves, Buttonwood, and Black Needlerush.
  • On Site Services: Supplied and installed all lake littorals throughout all littoral zones including top of bank trees.
  • On Site Services: Constructed a wading bird pond within the preserve golf course.
  • Gopher Tortoise Relocation: Dug 750 burrows and safely relocated 486 Gopher Tortoises to the Estero Buffer Preserve.

Site Development Service

  • On & Off Site Service: Installation of Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
  • 900 Acres of Clearing & Grubbing including on site burning of cleared vegetation.
  • Finish Grading for landscape, sod, and sidewalks.

Environmental Maintenance Services:

This property is currently managed by Vesta Property Services, formerly Sterling Property Services.

  • Mettauer Environmental Inc. has been providing Quarterly Exotic Vegetation Maintenance Compliance Services since the original construction of the development.
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