Erosion Restoration

Shoreline erosion control and lake restoration are key to a healthy environment. Mettauer Environmental is the leader in Southwest Florida for erosion control and aquatic maintenance plans.

We have some beautiful, sunny days in Southwest Florida. But we also endure heavy winds and rain.

Those storm days don’t just dampen spirits – they cause a great deal of soil erosion.

Mettauer Environmental provides lake bank stabilization, restoration, and erosion control solutions. Soil erosion encourages hazardous conditions, endangering safety as well as causing code compliance violations and property damage. While soil erosion can become a dangerous and costly problem, it can be prevented.

At Mettauer Environmental, we’re committed to protecting and preserving the beauty and value of our lake banks in the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective means possible.

Erosion Control Services

  • Littoral Plantings
  • Rip Rap
  • Aquatic Maintenance Plans


Shoreline Erosion Control

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