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A pond can be one of the most beautiful and thriving aspects of your property. However, if not properly maintained your pond can start to present quite a few problems. If your pond water is filled with sludge, and fish are jumping in an attempt to escape it, you may need a proper aeration system. At Mettauer Environmental, we specialize in water aeration solutions that can help get your pond back on track and transform it into one of the most beautiful additions to any property.

A fountain or aeration system can help improve the health of your pond as well as the wildlife living within it. Our experts can help guide you through every step of the process, from fountain and aerator installation to continued maintenance for years to come. If you’re in need of water management for your lake or pond, we are here to assist you.

Benefits of Aeration

Put simply, aeration is the process of increasing oxygen levels in your water through proper circulation. Having a quality aeration system in your pond provides a number of benefits that help improve both your water’s ecosystem as well as its natural beauty. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Better water quality
  • Provide a healthy habitat for fish 
  • Reduced sediment build up
  • Aquatic weed control
  • Fewer mosquitoes and insects

In addition to maintaining the natural habitat and waterflow of your pond, a fountain also can enhance the overall beauty of any property or landscape. Fountains provide a decorative element to any still body of water, and there are a variety of fountains to choose from depending on the size of your lake or pond. If you’ve been thinking about adding a fountain to your lake or pond, we can help you through the entire process from determining the perfect style to seamless installation, and more.

Types of Aeration

There are two main types of aeration: surface and subsurface. Both come with several benefits, but the size of your lake or pond is typically the deciding factor for which method is best for you.

Surface Aeration

Surface aeration is ideal for shallow bodies of water, in ponds or lakes that are less than 6 feet in depth. Surface aerators work by pushing water from the surface of the lake or pond up into the air. The water droplets then go back into the water, bringing more oxygen with them in the process. To summarize, this is exactly the type of aeration that a pond fountain achieves.

Subsurface Aeration

Subsurface aeration works a bit differently and is more ideal for bodies of water that are deeper than six feet. Typically, this type of aerator is ideal for larger lakes or ponds since it helps to introduce oxygen to the deepest point of the water along its bottom. Subsurface pond aerators work by pumping oxygen from shore to a diffuser that is placed at the very bottom of a deep pond or lake. The air that is pumped through to the pond causes a production of bubbles that then circulate the pond water and bring in more oxygen throughout it.

Subsurface aerators are particularly helpful for ponds that have become stratified, which happens when the temperature distribution throughout the water becomes non uniform. This leads to denser, cooler water settling at the bottom of the lake or pond, which oxygen cannot reach due to poor circulation. When oxygen isn’t flowing evenly in your water, including at the deepest point of your lake or pond, it can throw off its natural balance. Stratification can cause a variety of problems, such as fish kills or the unpleasant sludge that can be produced from sediment and algae build up.

We Are Here to Help!

An oxygen-starved pond is no place for thriving aquatic life and can lead to a variety of problems. Contact our experts today and let us help to breathe some life back into your pond or lake. At Mettauer Environmental, we offer affordable and eco-friendly solutions for all of your water management needs. Give us a call today at 239-728-1814 or fill out our easy contact form and one of our professionals will be in touch.


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