Lake & Shoreline Management

Lake management an environmentally friendly way.

shoreline lake management

Through our experience in managing hundreds of miles of Southwest Florida lakes, waterways and shorelines, we encounter one very consistent factor: No lake or pond is exactly like another. Each is its own unique ecosystem. We understand this, and Mettauer’s licensed aquatic technicians take special care to treat each system accordingly. Traditional lake management practices treat symptoms of poor water quality and excessive organic biomass. These temporary treatments usually involve heavy metals and harsh chemicals. These outdated practices are the reason Mettauer Environmental is the area’s leading aquatic management company. Call us today for a free evaluation of your lake, pond, shoreline, or stormwater system.

One Stop Solution for Lake and Pond Management

Trust the top-rated lake management and aquatic maintenance experts at Mettauer Environmental to keep your lakes, ponds, and waterways beautiful all-year long. Our broad range of eco-friendly lake and pond solutions include aeration, fish stocking, erosion control, water quality maintenance, debris removal, and more.

Our customers rely on us to provide them with an all-in-one solution for professional environmental management services.

Our expertise in fish stocking, algae control, aquascaping, aquatic weed control, and fish habitat management is unmatched. All of our services are designed to offer effective, eco-friendly solutions that will have long-lasting effects.



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