Testimonials tout environmental restoration and civil contruction work performed by experts at Mettauer Environmental.

Michael P. TischPublic Works ManagerGateway Services Community Development District
They did a really good job. The customer at the end of the day was happy. It looks very different in a positive way from an aesthetic standpoint. They were able to satisfy the water management district and the county — and also make the homeowners happy. They are a responsive contractor and want to make sure it’s done right. They exceeded expectations.
Mary LongaresAssociation Manager — Kings Gate HOA
We’re very happy so far. Homeowners are thrilled their preserves look nicer. Mettauer put everything in tip-top shape. They are always supervised. If we need them for an extra service, they are always willing and able. They’re honest. I get a report at the end of the day or the next day, so I can see the work that was done.
Larry HauerChairman of the Lake Committee
Breckenridge Golf & Tennis Club
Chrissy’s doing a bang-up job. When something goes wrong, Chrissy is right there to fix it. Mettauer is very conscientious and knowledgeable. We’ve had quite a few comments about how beautiful the lakes are. We do lake aeration now, and we were given the choice of a floating ball or duck. We chose the duck. People would come to us asking why their lake doesn’t have a duck yet. People want the duck. The ducks were the best things we added. I would recommend Mettauer in a minute. I always tell people, ‘If you don’t go to them, you deserve what you get.’
Mike MarionVice President and Principal
AIM Construction
They were very professional subcontractors. They didn’t offer excuses. We look forward to using them on another project. I have no complaints whatsoever.
Aaron Hunt-Branch, P.E.
Guymann Construction of Florida, Inc. has been subcontracting to Mettauer Environmental, Inc. for the past fifteen years. Guymann Construction has used Mettauer Environmental, Inc., for complete road construction services, curbing, utility installations, site and road restoration, sidewalk installation, parking lot construction, underground repairs along with debris clean up along waterways, canal bank hardening, vegetation removal and littoral plantings. They have completed projects large and small from $5,000 up to and above $500,000. Mettauer Environmental has proved to be an exceptional subcontractor for Guymann Construction. They are able to complete a wide range of project types, and they have always delivered superior quality on time and on budget. Guymann Construction anticipates working with Mettauer Environmental on future projects and would highly recommend them for future work.
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