Time for a change in the way you treat lakes and ponds

Time for a change in the way you treat lakes and ponds

Mettauer Environmental is the only applicator in Southwest Florida treating ponds, lakes using a chemical-free solution that was developed in Cape Coral.

“We use the only product out there that does not pollute while doing its job,” says Chrissy Mettauer, co-owner of Mettauer Environmental. “Also unlike other products, MICROBE-LIFT ® is not a temporary solution. It attacks the problem at the source — from top to bottom, which is highly unusual.”

Mettauer Environmental is the Preferred Applicator in Lee County and Southwest Florida of MICROBE-LIFT ® — a natural, non-chemical unique biological method to restore and maintain aquatic ecosystems.

Due to the severe conditions of local waterways, Mettauer is offering introductory pricing for service with MICROBE-LIFT ®.

The MICROBE-LIFT ® difference:

  • Many companies use copper in ponds and lakes to treat nutrient pollution; however, copper is toxic to fish and never dissolves in water. MICROBE-LIFT ® does not include any toxic ingredients.
  • MICROBE-LIFT ® targets and eliminates nitrates. Excess levels of nitrates can be a contaminant of ground and surface waters.
  • With MICROBE-LIFT ®, there is no need to test or measure oxygen levels. MICROBE-LIFT ® degrades the organics that cause turbidity, toxicity, and oxygen depletion and promotes healthy aquatic life.
  • MICROBE-LIFT ®, which is nonhazardous, does not just work at the surface. It cleans ponds and lakes naturally, from top to bottom.
  • MICROBE-LIFT ® breaks down organic sludge and eliminates noxious odors.
  • Using MICROBE-LIFT ® can eliminate the need for costly and cumbersome dredging.
  • MICROBE-LIFT ® works organically to get rid of the nutrient load that leads to green water events.

Are you a contributor to pollution, or are you helping the environment?

If you would like to learn more about how Mettauer can clean your lake or pond the effective environmentally friendly way and take advantage of our introductory offer, please give us a call at 239-728-1814.

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