FORT MYERS — Mettauer Environmental is expanding its specialized eco-friendly land and aquatic management services and has turned to The Ignite Partners to make that happen.

“Mettauer Environmental is unique in its use of proprietary environmentally friendly products,” says Felix Lluberes, CEO of The Ignite Partners in Fort Myers. “There are many opportunities for Mettauer Environmental to make a big difference in the local ecosystem and various communities and properties.”

The team at The Ignite Partners transforms businesses with proven business methodologies and technology. Its unique and personal approach helps owners achieve a clear business direction, retune the organization to scale and deliver higher quality customer experience and refocused development to innovate and produce significant intellectual property.

“The people are amazing at Mettauer Environmental, and the products and services that they offer are phenomenal,” says Matt Bernhardt, Chief Operating Officer at The Ignite Partners. “We are going to improve their internal processes so we can help many more clients benefit from what they do.”

Mettauer Environmental was founded in Alva, FL, in 2001 and has become a leader in the industry with its adoption of bio-friendly products that are extremely gentle to the local flora/fauna.

“Going to the next level with The Ignite Partners is exciting,” says Chrissy Gleason, President of Mettauer Environmental. “This partnership will allow us to continue our mission to care for Florida’s environment to maintain and restore it for the next generation. We’ll handle the exotic vegetation and let The Ignite Partners guide us toward business decisions that will help us grow.”

Governments and private developments count on Mettauer Environmental for lake management, erosion reversal, exotic vegetation removal, and stormwater systems. Its clients include state, county, and city municipalities.

The Ignite Partners works with companies that have already proven market viability and have revenue of at least $1M ARR. The goal is for The Ignite Partners’ portfolio companies to gain optimal market penetration and tech IP creation to maximize the value of the business.

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