Meet Our Wetlands & Vegetation Expert Francisco!

Wetlands and vegetation expert

Meet Our Wetlands & Vegetation Expert Francisco!

Employee Spotlight: FRANCISCO LEON

If you are having wetlands management, vegetation work or tortoise relocation performed, you will likely have the chance to meet Francisco Leon! Francisco has been with Mettauer Environmental for 18 years and is our wetlands, vegetation, and exotic plant expert. We spoke with Francisco about his vast experience providing environmental management services in the Florida area.

What’s your favorite project to work on and why?

Spraying, because I like working in the wetlands.

What is your advice or trick to working in the wetlands?

Make sure your first invasive plant treatment is really thorough so that the next time you go back, it is clean and there is much less to treat. This will make it faster in the end.

What should people expect if you are working on their project?

I want them to know I am focusing on doing my work correctly and carefully and that I want them to know that Mettauer is the best company for their wetlands and vegetation needs.

What’s the most common question people usually ask you regarding your work?
“Is your job hard? I always answer, ‘Not if you know what you’re doing.'”

What is the most common exotic plant that you encounter here?

Primrose and cattails and those, in my opinion, are the hardest exotic plants to kill. They just keep growing; just when you think you killed it all, you go back, and a new one has started growing again.

What should we know about you?

That I am loyal and that I like to complete each task thoroughly and exceed expectations. I like to go above and beyond and see my customers and boss happy.

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