Mettauer is Restoring Ponds and Lakes Without Harsh Chemicals

Mettauer is Restoring Ponds and Lakes Without Harsh Chemicals

Cape Coral has more than 400 miles of canals.
Fort Myers has the most days with thunder in the nation annually! (A lot of rain!)
And Southwest Florida has long stretches of beaches and countless lakes.

So water is pretty important here — and we don’t want to be on the map for red tide, green algae, nutrient pollution, or other water issues that affect our way of life.

Mettauer Environmental has teamed up with Ecological Laboratories Inc., the developers of a novel biotechnology solution (MICROBE-LIFT®) that effectively and naturally addresses and resolves a wide range of environmental problems.

ELI’s biotechnology is being used by Mettauer to restore lakes and ponds. In doing so, we are helping to control pollution and manage nutrient recycling.

Yes, we are controlling pollution and nutrients naturally, with no chemicals — and we are encouraging healthy fish and water creatures!

Is it effective? Absolutely!

In Jacksonville, FL, MICROBE-LIFT® was used on a pond at the Sanctuary Housing Development.

The main causes of pollution were fertilizer run-off, grass clippings from lawn care companies, debris from trees, dust from a construction site, and fill material leaching into the pond through a silt fence. A company that used copper sulfate and blue dye to abate algae had previously treated the pond with less than satisfactory results.

In the beginning, there was a very large amount of string and mat algae.

Because of budgetary constraints, the pond was treated at half the normal rate recommended for a 2-acre pond.

The results were astounding!

The pond has not had one fish kill since treatment began in April 2007!
About 95 percent of algae was gone by October 2007.

Continued maintenance dosage continued to improve water clarity as construction activity continued. And as the pond goes through a turbidity causing inversion during cold weather, the maintenance dosage helps restore and maintain water clarity!

That’s only one of many examples!
Do you have a pond or lake that could use our help?
Please give us a call to find out more!

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