Mettauer teams up with Ecological Labs to promote clean water

Mettauer teams up with Ecological Labs to promote clean water

Mettauer Environmental has been named the Preferred Applicator in Lee County and all of Southwest Florida of a product developed in Cape Coral by Ecological Labs: Microbe-Lift®.

The team at Mettauer can now restore and maintain clients’ ponds or lakes with a natural microbial solution instead of harsh chemicals — from the surface to the bottom — while removing nutrients that can lead to green water events and promoting healthy aquatic life. Standard chemical methods feature toxic chemicals, herbicides, and heavy metals known to provide only a temporary solution to nutrient pollution.

“Florida has been in the news a lot lately for poor water quality. This is a way Mettauer and our customers can ensure we are not a contributor to polluted water,” says Chrissy Mettauer, co-owner of Mettauer Environmental, a family owned business that has been serving Southwest Florida since 2001. “We have seen first-hand the difference this product makes — it’s nothing short of amazing. Other lake contractors can get a biological product, but there’s no other product on the market that does what this product does in recycling nutrients. The key difference is every other biological product creates nitrogen and nitrates as a byproduct. This biological bacteria product actually eliminates nitrates and nitrogen. The scientists at Ecological Labs have worked hard to ensure this product not only works but also is environmentally friendly.”

Microbe-Lift® technology offers a natural, nonchemical unique biological method to restore and maintain aquatic ecosystems, returning them to their natural state over time. Benefits include enhanced water quality, natural odor control and bottoms solids reduction while eliminating organic waste that causes turbidity, toxicity, and oxygen depletion.

Microbe-Lift is used worldwide and is being tested in Cabot Canal in Cape Coral. This technology also is being used in Swan Lake in Naples and in ponds at Lee County Health Park in Fort Myers, South Seas Resort on Captiva Island, and the Jacksonville Zoo. For 12 years, Microbe-Lift® has been the primary technology to maintain an eight lake series in Jacksonville Beach HOA.

Mettauer Environmental has teamed up with Ecological Laboratories Inc. to effectively and naturally solve a wide range of water issues by using the locally developed, nonhazardous MICROBE-LIFT®.See how it is being used locally and can benefit your lake or pond.

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