Goodbye, Rainy Season! Hello, Stormwater Inspections!

Goodbye, Rainy Season! Hello, Stormwater Inspections!

We made it.

It’s almost the end of hurricane season, and everyone at Mettauer Environmental is celebrating with a special on our stormwater inspection!

The rainy season is coming to an end, and that makes it the most favorable time to have stormwater drains inspected and cleaned.

Our vacuum truck and camera inspection services are state of the art.

Schedule your stormwater drain inspection by Dec. 15, and you can enjoy a free catch basin inspection!

Pollution from stormwater runoff can make its way into our water supply.

In addition to an inspection, here are some things you can do to limit water pollution:

  • Avoid using pesticides;
  • Properly dispose of hazardous household chemicals;
  • Use fertilizers sparingly (Inquire about our natural fertilizer alternative treatment with Quantum!);
  • Use a car wash instead of washing a car in your driveway;
  • Dispose of pet waste properly;
  • Check your car for oil leaks;
  • Use Florida-friendly landscapes; and
  • Never throw anything down storm drains.

Stormwater inspections should be on your annual maintenance calendar to avoid costly service down the road.

If your pipes are still holding water, Mettauer has a submarine-style underwater camera to access any possible issues.

The reliable and knowledgeable team at Mettauer is at the ready to help you with any of your stormwater needs.

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