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Mettauer Attends the Aquatic Weed Control Short Course

Mettauer Environmental Attends the Aquatic Weed Control Short Course in Orlando As Southwest Florida’s leader in lake management and environmental services, it was an absolute honor to be a Gold sponsor and attend the prestigious Aquatic Weed Control Short Course in Orlando last month.  The Aquatic Weed Control Short Course is the largest aquatic training

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Lake maintenance, hurricane preparation

How to Prepare Your Lake or Pond for A Hurricane

Hurricanes, one of the most destructive forces in nature, are capable of causing severe damage and costing several million in recovery efforts. With lakes and ponds at their most vulnerable and easily damaged, we wanted to provide you with tips on hurricane preparation so you know what to expect and to help avoid any adverse

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Hygrophilia Polysperma

Effects and Identification of Hygrophilia Polysperma

Hygrophilia Polysperma – Introduction These invasive plants are one of the 2500 species identified in the Acanthus family of aquatic plants and are native to India and Malaysia. They were brought in the USA for the aquarium industry. In Florida state, the plants were introduced in 1950. Hygrophilia Polysperma is known by various other names-

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stormwater system flooded in a parking lot

How a Stormwater System Functions During a Hurricane

If you live in Southwest Florida, you’re likely familiar with what goes into preparing your property for hurricane season. What you might not know, however, is how your stormwater system functions during and after a hurricane hits. Having a proper stormwater management system is vital for our communities, especially during hurricane and rainy season. These

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Mettauer Environmental logo with emergent plants

What are Emergent Plants?

If you’ve ever walked near a lake or pond, chances are you’ve seen some type of emergent plant. Emergent plants are rooted in the bottom of a lake or pond and typically grow along their shorelines in water that’s 4 feet to 5 feet deep. Their stems and leaves extend out above the water, unlike

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algae toxic blooms

April Showers Bring May Flowers & Unwanted Algae

While our April showers typically bring May flowers, life’s a bit harsher in South Florida. With most of the country getting beautiful Spring blooms, the extra showers contribute to toxic algae blooms and declining water quality in our South Florida lakes, ponds, and coastal waters. With summer rounding the corner, we begin to receive more

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Mettauer a finalist for Top 50 Florida Companies to Watch

Mettauer Environmental was among the first round of the 2019 Florida Companies to Watch finalists. The GrowFL awards event, now in its ninth year, honors 50 select second-stage companies from throughout the state for developing valuable products and services, creating quality jobs, enriching communities, and broadening new industries throughout Florida. Chosen from 224 growing second-stage

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Wetlands and vegetation expert

Meet Our Wetlands & Vegetation Expert Francisco!

Employee Spotlight: FRANCISCO LEON If you are having wetlands management, vegetation work or tortoise relocation performed, you will likely have the chance to meet Francisco Leon! Francisco has been with Mettauer Environmental for 18 years and is our wetlands, vegetation, and exotic plant expert. We spoke with Francisco about his vast experience providing environmental management

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